About Kapitel - an audiovisual concert experience

Kapitel is a Swedish/Danish band that investigates what happens when two musical genres/traditions meet and how a compilation of music is expressed on a projector screen. The project playfully investigates how music works and creates a sensual space, where the viewer has the opportunity to interpret the combination of music together with images, filter-free in a kaleidoscopic universe.

The project explores the surprise of improvisational and sudden artistic landscapes. The repertiore is mainly focused around the band members original compositions, influenced by jazz and Nordic folk music. The visual expression is created live and is different from concert to concert. Kapitel programs the graphic templates themselves in the program, "Synthesia", where a microphone picks up frequencies of the live music. The images then reacts to the live sound and changes due to the variation in rythm and frequency that the music gives. The band work in a way where the unexpected tries to emerge, both in the music, but also in the visuals.

Nikolaj Steensbæk Jørgensen (DK) - Base, visual arts

Stina Huldén (SE)  - Saxophones

Albin Söderbäck (SE) - Piano

Gustav Tornberg (SE) - Drums